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What we do

BioCentric Games combines medical science and gamification to create games that improve health.

Your Journey to Better Health

WellQuest™ is a serious health game being developed through support from the CDC to help National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program participants stay engaged, informed, and active throughout their health/wellness journey.



Fun Matters

Designing games for learning or behavior change shares many of the same ingredients found in traditional game development. “Fun” can be difficult to quantify, but fun games can measurably improve user engagement and knowledge retention.

Our designers and collaborators bring deep creative expertise, which lends our games more than just a hint of fun. This isn’t chocolate-covered broccoli!

Intrinsic Motivations

Motivated Users

One of the ways that gamification delivers benefits is it taps into intrinsic human motivations: internal desires we all share to achieve, socialize, tell stories, compete, or master challenging tasks.

Games for health and wellness must still find the right combination of player motivations but also connect them to other real-world behaviors and objectives.

Games for Everyone

Everyone Games

Digital games – think consoles, computers, phones, and other handhelds – have been on the scene for nearly 40 years. Over time, the gaming audience has steadily diversified across genders; gaming is now a lifelong activity. It’s now possible to create games and interactive experiences for nearly any group of people.



Because we’re designing experiences for all demographics, the game design process must always meet our audience where they’re at. Sometimes, that allows us to explore new genres and gameplay mechanics; other times, we leverage tried-and-true gameplay and innovate in other areas: wearable integration, gamified data collection, and other engagement-boosting ideas.



While we always design for fun and enjoyment, we’re rigorously focused on health and wellness outcomes. Games for health and wellness combine art and science, and we take science very seriously. Our applications can be deployed commercially as part of patient outreach and education campaigns or designed to integrate into clinical studies with statistical measurements of changes in user behavior and health goals.

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Do you have an idea for a health or wellness-focused game or challenge? Let’s talk! We provide services and support throughout the product development lifecycle, from design and development to trial planning, testing, real-world performance analytics, and ongoing
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